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AI-driven Intelligence that IDs your threat in real-time

Using machine vision and AI, Data Blanket puts a nimble, rugged Airforce-in-a-Box at your fingertips.

The easy to deploy & operate system automates the piloting and observation aspects of drone operations. Providing fast 24/7 intelligence based on multi-angel and multi-sensor detection and identification of threats. Our app delivers situational awareness and can easily plug into any other platform in your workflow

100% Autonomous system – constantly reacting to the terrain, obstacles, mission and detections and updating the plan

With true mission-driven autonomy, our system constantly reacts to the evolving situation and conditions, fusing into its decision-making process all environmental and mission parameters to ensure the safest and most efficient paths, to get your mission priorities done.

The fusion between the EO and IR sensors and the drone swarm behavior for perfecting the detection and tracking of any target

AI-powered computer vision to detect and track fire, smoke & people. With the versatility and edge computing, to train & detect other features and enable the missions you encounter.

Our state-of-the-art computer vision leverages sensor fusion between the EO and IR cameras on board each drone and live multi-angle management of the drone swarm to perfect the detection and tracking of any target or object. So that you can act with the confidence that only manned air support would give until today.

Adaptable modes of deployment from your vehicle or on the go.

​100% Autonomous system – constantly reacting to the terrain, obstacles, mission and detections and updating the plan

Easy to use with any device - no flight experience needed

You need to tell the system where to look, and it takes over and does the rest. Plans the most safe and efficient mission, flies the swarm of drones, detects whatever is interesting, investigates it, and sends you a real-time report with live video.

All data collected from the drone sensors and processed through the computer vision system

Real-time situational awareness generated for any user on or off-site through rugged & redundant communicatios

Data collected and identified by the drone swarm is fused into a clear, simple graphic representation and built to share with our or any other hosting App. Based on Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite communications, the triple redundant comms system ensures all data reaches every needed destination- on and off-site, in real-time. Working into your workflow, in the field and at dispatch.

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