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Real-time AI-driven Intelligence for the World's Most Dangerous Jobs

AI systems for first responders

A calling, not a job. After building successful companies, products, and prototypes in the world of sustainable aviation, drone delivery, and defense, we felt that killer robots and next-hour delivery of this gadget you have to have just can't be it... So we built a company that takes the most insane machine learning tech there is, and puts it to work saving lives.

First responders have been doing what they have done for a long time: using technology, dealing with scarcity, and putting their time, courage, and sometimes lives on the line to save lives. All we have to do is listen, be patient, and find the place in the workflow where autonomous systems could help the most.

With great partnered fire departments, police precincts, and cities, we've learned that an Air Force in a Box that doesn't require your attention but has your back and sees what's going on around you is the biggest thing for those moments that count.
"Like having a human pilot overhead instantly, without the cost or the wait, and without putting a pilot in harm's way."

Adaptable modes of deployment from your vehicle or on the go


Our founding team are the minds behind some of the most influential technology advances today in AI, aerospace, and air delivery.

Our mission is simple: to apply these technical breakthroughs to protect life.

Omer is an IDF special forces veteran turned entrepreneur. He is the founder and seven years CEO of Eviation Aircraft, maker of the Alice, the world's first all-electric commuter plane. Omer has deep knowledge of physics and is the inaugural recipient of the SAE sustainable aviation award.

Omer Bar-Yohay


Gur is a business and thought leader who trail-blazed Amazon Prime Air's drone delivery concept and program. Before Amazon, Gur was a senior leader at Microsoft and a prolific entrepreneur. Profoundly knowledgeable in integrating autonomous systems in the airspace, Gur consults several companies and agencies in tech, safety, and ConOps.

Gur Kimchi

Chief Architect 

Yair is an IDF special forces veteran who has led advanced multi-disciplinary teams for two decades. As a manager and product designer, Yair has worked for industry leaders like Stratasys in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing and has recently led operations at Eviation Aircraft.

Yair Katz


Our investors

We've been fortunate and privileged to have the support and faith of partners who see a business future, in putting technology on the front lines of the world's biggest problems.

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